Popsicle by FLEXA – What’s your flavor?

FLEXA Popsicle is a furniture and interior collection for children of all ages, using premium solid wood materials and a modern Scandinavian design style. The new Popsicle collection has been created with great attention to detail using our in-depth knowledge of kids, and will set a new standard in the children’s furniture category.

Popsicle by FLEXA will be launched in three colours appealing to both child and parent. We call them Kiwi, Cherry and Blueberry. They are all carefully chosen and selected – as if they were the most important ingredients in a delicious ice cream. The colour scheme is well balanced and goes hand in hand with our modern Scandinavian design philosophy. Pick shades of a cool Blueberry, , a dusty Kiwi green or a sweet Cherry rose. We believe these colours will create tranquility, and a very personal and unique footprint in a child’s room.


Behind the design

In the past five years, FLEXA has worked strategically with creative designers who create and convert our ideas into beautiful, functional design for children of all ages. For Popsicle we handpicked a young, visionary Danish design team named Herman Studio. We fell in love instantly with their holistic way of thinking and their beautiful and simple approach to drawing and drafting


“Popsicle by FLEXA is inspired by the simple and soft rounded shapes of a real popsicle. To us, a popsicle is the essence of a joyful childhood and that was our starting point. Choosing a Popsicle product should be like picking a flavour for your ice cream. During the design process, we experimented with a variety of colour combinations in order to get the right flavour. We believe that the Popsicle colours are both child-friendly and timeless.”

Jonas and Helle Herman Pedersen

- Herman Studio

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