My Little House

For more than 45 years, FLEXA has brought joy to children around the world with its unique world of beds, combining Scandinavian design with the highest standards of safety and quality. 


These popluar and flexible beds remain an important part of the delightful and stimulating FLEXA universe of children - and now the FLEXA Classic bed unveils a playful new twist in 2018.


The bed can now be transformed into a small a playhouse with window boxes and a chimney. This new design feature caters to children's innate love of building forts, caves, houses, other small sanctuaries for play. As a child, nothing compares to creating your very own world - so just imagine the delight of having a bed that transforms into a playhouse! That is precisely what FLEXA now offers. 

The subdued, stylish and harmonic colours promote calm, concentrated, and imaginative play. The bed allows chilren to create a private sphere - alone or together with a good friend. 

The Classic bed comes in a wide variety of version, each of which provide the ideal environment for vital and reinvigorating sleep, while also stimulating your child's imagination. The playhouse can easily can added to existing Classic beds - both as a single or mid-high bed. 


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